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Creality Falcon 2 ласер од 40W (320W), моќен и прецизен. Во споредба со Falcon 2 22W, Falcon 2 40W има посилни перформанси на гравирање и сечење. Светлосниот зрак може да се прилагоди за да одговара на вашите потреби за гравирање и сечење, што резултира со попрефинета работа.



Работна површина 40 на 41.5цм

Прилагодлив светлосен зрак

Магично шарено гравирање

40W Силна моќност за употреба со Mutil-материјал

Точност на движење: 0,0125 mm25000 mm/min

Неверојатна брзина

Револуционерна интегрирана воздушна помош

Софтвер: LightBurn, LaserGRBL

Следење на протокот на воздух и следење на леќите


Falcon 2 - 40W

Creality Falcon 2 40W laser engraver, mighty but precise. Compared to the Falcon 2 22W, the Falcon 2 40W has a stronger engraving and cutting performance. The light beam can be adjusted to suit your engraving and cutting needs, resulting in more refined work.

40W Most Powerful So Far

Based on the latest FAC spot compression technology 8 powerful 5.5W laser diodes are compressed to increase the laser power to 40W.

Adjustable Light Beam

It can be used to adjust the light beam according to the engraving and cutting needs, making the work more refined.

Normal Mode: Suitable for cutting thicker objects and are more efficient.

Precise Mode: Suitable for engraving and cutting thinner objects, resulting in more refined work.

2500mm/min Amazing Speed

With 100% improvement in carving efficiency, Falcon2 allows you to spend less time creating more.


Add Some Colors to Your Works, and Your Life

When the stainless steel is heated by the super powerful laser beam, the metal surface will physically react and produce hundreds of colors, brining your works to life.

Groundbreaking Integrated Air Assist

Manually adjust the air assist steplessly through the knob, or it can automatically adjust the airflow through LightBurn, to remove smoke and protect the laser lens, bringing a cleaner result.


Triple Monitoring Systems

  • Airflow Monitoring: Indicates the current airflow volume. It enables you to adjust the airflow based on your engraving needs.
  • Lens Monitoring: Built-in lens monitoring system will trigger an alarm when the lens is dirty enough, which helps avoid lens breakage and frequent replacement.
  • Flame Monitoring: When a flame is detected, the indicator will flash red with an alarm and the machine will stop immediately.


Five Safety Protections

  • Bidirectional Limit Switch: If the laser head hits the boundary, the machine will stop automatically, and a buzzer will sound an alarm.
  • Active Stop Function: The machine will stop working in case of accidental tilt, flop or drop, with the buzzer and indicator sending alert.
  • Security Lock Design: Professional use only.
  • Emergency Stop Button: If an emergency occurs during operation, you can also manually stop the machine immediately.
  • Laser Protective Cover: Made of high efficiency colored filter glass material, the protective cover around the laser head will effectively prevent the laser from dazzling the eyes.


Get Things Done with Less Hassle

Only 3 steps are needed for full assembly. You can enjoy creating as soon as possible.

Extensive Compatibility

Compatible with a variety of systems, including Windows and macOS systems, and software such as LaserGRBL and LightBurn.

Support Offline Creating

Just insert a TF card, and you can feel free to create anytime, anywhere. Thanks to the offline dynamic preview you can position and adjust precisely without connecting to a computer.


Outstanding Motion Stability

The full aluminum alloy structure design brings a more solid machine, ensuring exceptional stability even in high-speed operation.

Integraded sliding rail keeps the running highly synchronized while the U-shaped wear-resistant wheels make motion more stable.

The newly designed foot pads help it stand firmly on the table ensuring 360-degree non-slip operation.

Достава 7-10 Дена
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